Prana Lybeck Flannel Review

Usually most of my product reviews are on something "techy" like a new backpack or jacket but sometimes the most used items are not your 650$ Gore-Tex Pro shell jacket but your favorite t-shirt or fleece. This fall and winter I've been wearing the Prana Lybeck Flannel a lot.

One of the most important things about buying a flannel is the material of the flannel. Prana goes with 100% Organic Cotton which they call heavyweight but compared to other flannels I've owned, it's more of a mid weight. The cotton that Prana used is definitely one of the softest and most comfortable I've touched. It's so soft that my wife likes to rub up against it and use my shoulder as a pillow.

Nothing fancy about the flannel: two main buttoned front chest pockets, two cuff adjustments for narrow to wide wrists, and one button on the forearm so you can roll up the sleeves. The Lybeck Flannel uses a microfiber interior at the collar making for an extremely comfortable against bare skin.

How it Fits:
The Lybeck flannel has a standard cut with the Medium size fitting me (5'10", 165lb, 40" chest, 33" waist) pretty much spot on. Prana in general is more slim/athletic fit so if you're a little hefty you probably want to size up. I don't have any issues being tight around the shoulders or under the arms which many mediums are guilty of being. 

I've used both the Blue/Black and the Dark ginger flannels for a few months and both show little wear while being extremely comfortable. The mid-weight flannel provides enough warmth with a simple baselayer underneath for the typical dark, rainy days of the PNW winters. I liked the flannel so much that I bought it in two colors. The stylish colors give enough youth to the flannel while not detracting from those who have more conservative taste.

The Prana Lybeck flannel is one of the most comfortable and good looking flannels available to buy with a respectable price. If you're looking at buying your first flannel or a flannel connoisseur looking to replace one, the Prana Lybeck flannel is the flannel to buy this winter.

  • 100% organic Cotton is soft as anything
  • Modern colors so you don't feel dated wearing a flannel
  • Plush microfiber interior around the collar.
  • Comes with Prana's great warranty

  • None


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