Marmot Kompressor Verve 32

Marmot Kompressor Verve 32 on the SE ridge of Mt. Daniel

My Deuter Futura 45L pack has seen a lot of use over the past 5 years and I was looking for something to replace it with. Marmot's Kompressor series has always impressed me and I was really looking forward to them making larger volume packs. When I first got the pack I quickly realized that no matter how good the Marmot Kompressor Verve 32 was, it wasn't going to replace my Deuter. The size difference was too great between the packs,  a 13L difference. What I did quickly realize was how perfect the size was for long fast days in the mountains or quick overnight trips.

How it Fits:
Considering I ordered this pack online without every trying it on, I got extremely lucky! The Kompressor Verve 32 happens to be one of the best fitting packs I've tried on. To get a since of what my frame is like, here are some of the packs that fit me well: Osprey Exos 58 (m), Mammut Nirvana Pro 35, and of course my Deuter Futura 45. If any of these fit you, then you will like how the Marmot Kompressor Verve fits. For size reference, I'm 5'10" 160lbs, 33 waist, and 19 1/2 torso length. What I really like the most about the Kompressor Verve 32 is the lower back support. I feel a lot of packs neglect or put not enough support in that area. The lumbar support becomes even more important when you stuff this minimalist 2lb pack full for an overnight trip. I also really dig the hip belt because not only is the foam super comfortable but the foam is flexible and wraps around your iliac crest, making it very form fitting along the waist. For something as specific as a pack and footwear, fit is everything! It may be the best pack in the world, but if it fits bad, you're going to hate it! The price point on the backpack is a little high at $149 especially considering the pack competes directly with the Osprey Talon 33 at $130 (which is also a very good pack for the UL user).

The  Kompressor Verve 32 has been my go to daypack this summer. Took it out on a alpine scramble on Mt. Daniel, fast speed hike of the lower Snoqulamie Lakes, and a cruiser hike of Spray park at MRNP. The biggest test was a UL overnight trip to Tuck and Robbin Lakes in the Central cascades of Washington. 14 miles and 3000+ gain was easily covered, and I mean easily, with everything weighing less than 18lbs. Water, food, snacks, Go Pro, Camera, overnight gear, even a bar of chocolate! The Kompressor Verve was able to handle all of that while moving quickly on the trail in a comfortable manner.  The weather on the hike in was not very favorable with misty clouds that were supposed to be out by afternoon but lingered longer than I had anticipated.

Misty Hyas lake on our hike in to Tuck and Robbin Lakes
Being able to get to Tuck Lake quickly in less than favorable conditions was definitely something I was stoked about. With the upper mountain still socked in with clouds, my wife and I decided to camp at Tuck lake with the hopes that the clouds would blow out by tomorrow. By midnight the clouds had completely blown away leaving a starlit lake and Mt. Daniel's silhouette.

 The next day I used the Kompressor Verve as a day pack to visit Robin lakes and we were not disappointed with the weather!

Mt. Daniel seen from across the Valley from Robin Lakes

Kompressor Verve 32 visiting the beautiful tarns of Robin Lakes.
The Marmot Kompressor Verve 32 is an outstanding backpack that brims with limitless possibilities: everything from easy day hikes, fast overnighters, and long peak-bagging days in the mountains. Marmot has put together one of the most comfortable and sleek looking extended day packs I have ever used. The real question is what color do you want and where is the larger version for fast multi-day backpacking?

  • Incredibly light weight backpack
  • Suspension Frame and lumbar support is unbelievably comfortable and breathable
  • Decked out with features: hip pockets on belt, UL Tool/Trekking Pole attachments.
  • Huge Zipper opening allowing easy access and packing
  • Stretchy External stash pocket for easy layering
  • Tinny hydration port for hoses
  • Price is a little steep at $149
  • Inside of the pack scratches easily (my eyes are on you pokey freeze dried meals)


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