MSR / Cascade Designs Warrenty

Last week my original MSR Windpro stove was having performance issues on Mt. Adam's where there was little to no fuel pressure in the system making it near impossible to boil or melt water. The stove had performed flawlessly for 3+ and never showed any signs of performance degradation. I tried different fuel canisters and tried cleaning what little there is to clean on an butane/isobutane stove with no luck.

I called cascade designs up and gave them my spiel about the stove and they told me to bring it in to their warranty center since I live near Seattle. A few days later I make the trip to their warranty center in south-downtown Seattle, which is an adventure in itself. I talked to their employees and they took my 1st generation WindPro and changed the fuel line out to the 2nd generation WindPro 2 version. Total cost was only 20$ but they took care of my stove within 5 minutes and improved it! I really appreciate Cascade Designs in taking care of their customers in a fast and professional manner! It's no wonder why I own 2 MSR stoves ( WindPro and a XGK). I am so impressed with their service that I would be inclined to only buy MSR stoves.


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