Icebreaker: Anatomica Relaxed Boxers vs Everyday Boxers

Anatomica Relaxed Boxers w Fly

Everyday Boxers w Fly
There are a lot of good underwear for outdoor activities but I've been recently quite happy with some recent Icebreaker underwear that I bought. 

I've been using Exofficio's Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs for a few years now and have been quite happy how they work for everyday wear and outdoor sports. The only really issue is that they often can get a funk after a single hard day's work, even with Aegis Microbe Shield. 

The two types of underwear that I've been using from Icebreaker are there Everyday Boxers with Fly and their Anatomica Boxers with Fly.

How it Fits:
I'm 5'10" 165lbs with a 33" waist. I wear a Medium in both styles from Icebreaker, The Everday Boxers are a little more snug around the waist while the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers are a little bit more relaxed. The Everyday Boxers are also more snug around the quads and thighs but never tight. For those coming from Exofficio's underwear like the Give-N-Go, the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers are the closest in fit. Fit wise, I prefer the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers over the Everyday Boxers because the Anatomica's slim fit but relaxed style makes you forget that you are even wearing underwear.

Performance/ Features: 
Anatomica Relaxed Boxers
The 150gm fabric weight on the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers is perfect for summer hiking or climbing while being the ideal weight for everyday use. I wore the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers on a one day attempt to climb Mt. Daniel in the Cascades; 15+ miles, 5500 elevation gain. The weather for the eastern Snoqualmie valley that day was high's around the mid 90's making the long hike in and out pretty long. Once we hit the snow and higher elevation on Mt Daniel, the temperatures finally got more comfortable. While being stopped just shy of the summit, 1/3 mile and 400 feet elevation left, the Anatomica Relaxed Boxers kept me cool on the long approach and kept me comfortable and dry on the snow even after a few slushy glissades. Most amazingly, the underwear didn't smell at the end of the day!
Enjoying some Alpine views with Icebreaker's Anatomica Relaxed Boxers
Everyday Boxers
The Everyday Boxers uses a slightly heavier fabric weight of 200gm making them a true year round base layer bottom while still being breathable enough for summer use. While I prefer the 150gm weight for summer use, the 200gm weight was surprisingly fine for a hot day hike to Lake Ingalls, 2500 gain and 9 miles. I originally thought I was going to roast in the 200 weight boxers on this hike, but I decided to wear them anyways, and was truly happy that the boxers proved me wrong. If Icebreaker could make the everyday boxers in a 150gm summer weight, I think that I would only buy the everyday boxers due to cost savings. Unfortunately, the only way to get a 150 weight option is to pay more for the Anatomica boxers, although they do fit better.

Evening sun On Mt. Stuart, returning back from Lake Ingalls
If you're looking for an alternative to smelly synthetic underwear, Icebreaker's Anatomica Relaxed boxers and Everyday Boxers are some of the most comfortable ways to go!
  • Merino Wool is soft and stink free!
  • Several different styles to make everyone happy
  • The Everyday boxers at $34.99 are a good deal
  • Anatomica Relaxed Boxers are pricey at $44.99
  • Don't offer the same underwear style in different fabric weights. (Would love to see a
    Anatomica Relaxed Boxers in a 200 weight and an Everday Boxers in a 150 weight)


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